Brand Creation & Strategy From Scion

Founded by Ramesh Rao in 1985, Scion has been delivering brand strategy, design and communication. The outstanding thinking, marketing depth and creative expression Scion brings to bear on brands stems from a nucleus of respected and successful senior talent. Each team member brings insights garnered from years of sound experience in marketing, branding, advertising and integrated communication. About this nucleus we have gathered a global team of highly motivated professionals and alliance partners to help deliver the sharp edge of creative expression that can make the big difference to a brand’s success.

Scion brings its focus and talent into every individual touch point from which comes the whole of the brand experience – from brand identity to packaging, positioning and brand communication.

Scions current and past clients include some of Indias highly successful entrepreneur brands, including Caf Coffee Day, Indian Terrain, Gowardhan Dairy, Go Cheese, Mandala Valley Wines, Strides Arcolab, Sequent and Geist.

Brand Incubation:

Elements of incubation: brand vision and brand mission.

Each brand we design for our clients follows a unique incubation path that leads into long-term brand building programs. Our goal, is to get new brands off to a healthy start and build a sustainable break-even fan following of customers. But always aligned to the two important brand elements: brand vision and brand leadership.

Brand vision is the ability to see into the company’s future through the brand. What revenues will it add, how far can it be stretched, what resources will it take, what is the gestation period, what else can the brand be reasonably stretched to. How important is it to the relative businesses that the company is in.

Brand mission is the ability of the brand to lead the customer to a qualitatively better life. Brands enjoy a special status in the lives of the public because they encompass creative, social, personal, emotional and moral dimensions. It’s mission therefore is to transform customer lives.

Why would the customer buy and continue to associate with the brand? What does it mean in his daily life? How is my customer evolving and what do I need to keep it relevant to him? How will my customers change, tomorrow, next year, 5 years from now?

Scion has been delivering brand strategy, design and communication solutions for a wide spectrum of clients across India and the world. To know more details about Brand positioning, please visit our website.

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