Social Media Strategy – You Are the Brand

A business start-up would oftentimes ask what the best social media strategy is. With all the endless possibilities for a new comer like you, what should you do? Do you take the same route as others did? Or do you pave your own way towards the success that you have been dreaming of?

Before anything else, it would be a good idea to realize that you are you brand. “I am the what?”, you may say. Yes, you read it right. You are the brand. Who you are as a person is what will reflect on your brand. Your brand epitomizes you and more often than not will have a semblance of your personality. Crossovers from your the personal and the business side of you will always happen. Simply because you are your brand.

This especially holds true when you are offering a specialized service. This service is a reflection of your personality. Let’s say you are somebody who loves writing and can write web content articles. Your writing style, your mood, you beliefs will somehow creep in into the articles that you write about. This happens because you are your brand. You may not be able to take credit for the articles that you did, but you just shared a part of you with the web content that you wrote.

Granting that you are an events specialist and you do hosting jobs as well, you would advertise yourself in all the social networking sites possible so that you can get clients. As you employ this kind of social media strategy you are basically offering your talent and your ability to your clients. Obviously, in this case you are your own brand.

Even if you are a manager or a sales person of a certain company, in one way or another, you are still a part of the brand that you are selling. You use your expertise in the field, your knowledge about certain things and your flair in selling your visual and physical product to your prospect. The mere fact that you are the one selling, you are the first brand that the possible customer sees before he makes up his mind and buy whatever product the company who hired you is selling.

The best primary thing to do is to prepare yourself even before you present something to your would-be clients because you will be your brand’s first line of defense. If you come out as positive, engaging and knowledgeable about the product you will be selling, then there is a very big possibility that you will be viewed on a positive light. Chances are you are going to land the deal because your first impression was really good.

Now you see, why you are your own brand. Of course it matters if you are a part of a company marketing something or you are in this on your own but whatever side of the coin you may be in remember that prepping up is the best social media strategy you can use because first and foremost you are your own brand.

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