Puzzles In Brand Positioning, Brand Strategy And Direction Is Not Clear

Li Ning launched in August for a “make the change” campaign, can be described as vivid. For the awkward position of Li Ning is indeed necessary to a “change”, to escape the pressure of international giants to catch up with the domestic Air Max 2009 brands. This brand communication campaign launched nearly six months, depending on the share price fall events can give this brand storm being qualitative, earned the “talk value”, but lost sales.

This time the “make the change” although aging is based on the brand, to avoid the Adi “Nothing is impossible” demands, and meet the age is in the big “change” the voice, but seems to have forgotten the soul of the brand Li Ning, Li Ning is the national representative of the spirit of the first Nike Air Max 24-7 national sporting goods brand. Specific advertising, the 90 selected to speak as the representative of lindane to cater to the 90, will be 90 this pay? As far as I know, Li Ning’s core consumer group is not them. “After 90 Li Ning” is the theme of the advertising communication activities, 90 mean? The news media as “self indulgent, rebellious, brain damage,” and many other negative words to build a “90 after” image of this group. Any brand advocates should be positive values, perhaps in the whole branding team is not such a definition 90, but consumers do not think so. In the advertising communication activities, consumers should not attempt to change the existing perception and ideas, the history of the failure of many such communication activities is the same blood, the lessons of the communication activities as an agent Leo Burnett advertising agency really do not that such a mistake.

Maybe 90 is the core of high-end sports brand consumer group, but it seems that after 90 the goodwill of the international Air Max 24-7 brands is significantly higher than Li Ning. As with the Li Ning, the growth of 70/80 with this group of people seems to be more favorable impression of Li Ning. So the “90 Li Ning,” which did not meet the 90, more serious damage of the 70/80 age people. Change is a slogan, but to the “Li Ning, 90,” the spread of this particular theme is a bit easy road to walk. Finally, Tencent financial topics, “who created the Li Ning shares diving ‘Murder’?”, The answer is self-evident. Diving stock prices are merely the stock will have up and down is the key decision-makers to see the company Li Ning, the practical problems, and address, so that stock prices merely a matter of time. If you do the same down the way Li Ning will become increasingly difficult.

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