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Foreign trade is a very difficult industry, is also a very interesting world. This morning, you are dressed in luxury Hotels Arab lobby with a cup of coffee, and sweating at night and lead a group of workers to load the container. Sometimes you get a full day leisure does not have a telephone, and sometimes had to stay up late night discussions with the Americans argue. You may be a message to earn the last million, they may miss a word and stuffed under the “monstrous disaster.” Swiss clients have received a warm send chocolate, there was a country profiteers design money making painful. You will encounter all sorts of people, national merchants, banks, customs and government agencies to deal with all kinds of strange incidents. A lot of things, can not find the answer in the textbook, experience is the most important.

If the “R & D, production, processing, market Marketing “Ratio is a strong Electric Sustainable competitive enterprise, “iron triangle”, then “production process” This is a complete powerful, and “marketing” is a serious missing the point.

Imagine a combination of unusual triangular To instability and foreign brands, domestic electric companies compete, the embodiment of competitiveness must be strengthened marketing functions, fully driven R & D, full release of its powerful production and processing capacity, thus the formation of a stable system against the force triangle, so marketing will become a core electric business driver, but will be the electric companies must focus on cultivation of “internal strength” and the successful transformation of the “one hurdle.” Strengthen marketing functions help to improve electric company cut into the domestic market, the speed and success rate, in the channel network to expand the effective prop up sales of electrical products and new business brand awareness.

MillwardBrown American market research company, said the economic crisis from the marketing side of the biggest changes is that customers more value-conscious and budget. According to a survey by the end of 2008, 87% of American women in the economic crisis, more attention to brand, to maximize their disposable income, consider buying a product people will buy the brand Other Products also consider the brand. 2008, only 10% of people think that price is more important than brand. Electric companies should provide cost-effective in a crisis of products, and focus on brand strategy, when the economic crisis is over, the economy improves, the Brand will become more powerful.

Have the opportunity to establish a brand new product, such as Apple IPOD success is a good example. Select category starting point during the whole industry, the electric company will generally operate with its own brand, “to spend their own money, raise their own children”, in order to expand domestic transformation. Electric companies do not influence the strong brand is a big weakness, it is proposed to open up the domestic market, the industry began to cut into the category should not be too much, it is best to adopt a category with a brand strategy to select the break. This requires pre-positioning the brand, planning must be precise differences, outside one of the commissioned production process, you can effectively use foreign brand’s style and feel to the interpretation of localized operations.

(1) emotional point of the core values. Brand to give consumers what it feels like passing? Can consumers “mental point” competing products “demand point” Electric Company “culture points” for effective segmentation, such as “T-shirt Country Romance” is given by “Culture, creativity, individuality”, “CN176 to the” brave, beyond the responsibility, “the core value of this transfer will be the cumulative effect of brand loyalty and consumption continued to strengthen.

(2) different brand planning area. Competition in the market for the current industry conditions and electrical business resources located in the middle, high and low for what level? The same time in the mainstream market, sub-mainstream, non-effective choice for the mainstream market, which some consumer groups located in the butt? Positioning in the market region, which level? In addition the brand and ensure the compatibility and tolerance, after a powerful extension of the brand to provide effective aid.

(3) the visual image of big ideas. For Knitting Clothing Etc., the brand depends on consumer perception terminal image, product design, visual communication enhancement. This feeling will be enhanced consumer brand and boost sales, enhance brand value of effective strategies, based on the visual creative planning to buy incentives help increase and strengthen brand memory point.

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