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Melbourne is Australia’s centre of education, arts and culture, dining and shopping. With several winding little lanes and hundreds of hidden shops and boutiques to wander around and get lost exploring, Melbourne is open to business to and thrives on millions of tourists every year and supports about seventy million residents or commuters daily.

So for the little store front businesses in all those winding lanes, we suggest increasing revenue in a dependable fashion. Stop relying on customers stumbling across your store by chance and start using some hard business sense in promoting your annual sales. First, check if you make use of any promotional tactics whatsoever. If you do, that’s great, since tourists don’t always have the inside know that city dwellers do on which stores are favorites to visit, and you are looking to make your store one of these popular hubs with a seething inflow of customers and a steadily growing income.

Understand that it is important you establish an online presence and offer retail services through the internet. This automatically increases the kind of reach you have toward your market segment on a local, national and international level. It opens an avenue for incoming tourists to hear of your services and the products you offer in advance, allowing them to shortlist your business as a sure stop. It makes you easily available to residents and commuters to continue exchanging custom with you. It allows outgoing customers and tourists to continue to avail of your services too. To make sure that your website is actually seen by the online market, it is not enough that you are simply registered online or listed on a search engine index.

Fact: Only the first or the second pages out of the hundreds a search engine will throw up in response to a search being conducted are actually browsed by viewers. The first five or ten listings are the ones that attract the most traffic. They are automatically deemed more popular as a result by viewers; because it means that other people have visited and made use of the information, services or products available there. Similarly, the search engine rankings also shoot up in response to a site that is visited often and regularly.

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