What is Online Reputation Management

Do you Google your company’s brand name only to find that a negative report on a website such as Ripoffreports.com has made its way into the search results above or below your companies website. Whether the complaint is valid or not does not matter. What matters is that it is there for everyone to see as if they were airing out the dirt laundry of your company. These types of reputation tarnishes can have a huge impact on your company. Learn how to protect yourself from them.

The validity of these types of entities is under hot debate by online marketers. The problems is how they derive their profit. Ripoffreport.com for example makes money by charging companies around ten thousand dollars to remove or edit the negative complaint.

They do not do any work to discover whether the business being reported had even deserved the report. Regardless of whether the company actually deserved the negative press makes no difference. These scam alert websites could not care. As a matter of fact, it is under discussion, and is widely believed that some of these companies create fake negative reports so that they can extort the companies the target.

Luckily your business has you, and you just ran across this article. If you were looking for a way to protect and remove yourself or your company from these brand damaging bad press results, you are in luck. You have a powerful tool called reputation management.

Reputation management is the use of SEO and internet marketing techniques to push the negative search results of the first and second pages of the results pages.How is this done? Erasing negative reviews uses the same techniques used to get a website to the top of the search engines, except these tactics are used to promote websites other than your main one for the keywords being targeted. What this does is move these other website ahead of the negative comments and pushes those results down.

While it can take a while to promote the 8 to 9 results needed to get the defamation results off the first page. It can have a huge positive impact on your brand image. Reputation is everything when it comes to online. Unfortunately people pay more attention to negative reviews than too positive one. Whether is fair or not is not the point. Your business needs to be proactive and protect itself from as many factors as possible that are out of your control.

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