Proactive Defense With Reputation Management

Negative consumer generated media intent on damaging your companys reputation can occur at any time from many different directions. Posts can be placed on blogs, forums, and social media sites reaching large audiences in no time. It often occurs that posters will hit and run with negative content on one site and come back to do the same thing on another one. Meanwhile, potential customers, employers, business partners, investors or others can search for your company name, products and/or services at any time of day.

Should they find negative content posted while searching, the finding can give them cause for doubt and lead to a continued search for a company or prospective partner without any negative content attached. This is true regardless of whether the complaint is valid or not. Because of the ease of posting this kind of content, as well as the speed at which it can reach a large audience, it has become critical for companies of all sizes to implement ongoing efforts to protect their brands, products, and services using online reputation management.

This protection consists of three components:

Online monitoring The monitoring of blogs, the news, and social media has now become mandatory for companies wanting to stay out in front of any potential problems which may arise on the internet. Monitoring allows for quick responses, direct communication to consumers, and the potential to guide the ongoing conversations about the negative content.

Proactive reputation management This activity is similar to a typical SEO campaign but with a larger objective. The aim of proactive reputation management is to occupy as many rankings on the front pages of the search engines as possible. The practice can be extremely effective in keeping negative content off of the front pages due to the embedded positive content which is already there. The existing positive content can also make burying damaging content easier to accomplish.

Having a reputation management plan in place By having a reputation management plan drawn up prior to the arrival of damaging content, the response to it can be enacted immediately, thus minimizing its effects. The ability to interact on social media sites or to release countering information quickly can keep the protected company on top of an unfolding situation instead reacting to a crisis in panic mode.

Containing and countering negative content is most effective when defensive measures are already in place. Should reputation damaging content arrive, a counter campaign utilizing experience, skill, and the ability to act quickly and with precision can quell a situation which might otherwise grow out of control. For a free consultation on protecting your brands, products and services, call Reputation Management LLC today at (866) 530 7703.

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