Unethical SEO Hunters

Given the employment environment wev’e been in for the last couple of years, the economy the way it is, the companies and people who are desparate are coming out of the woodwork in droves, far too many times recently have I encountered unethical practices by businesses and the people they employ.

This is sad, this is what desparte people do, how easy it is to forget who we are and what we stand for when times are hard.  I have interview lately with many companies that had no interest in hiring me, but only wanted to know how I was able to get a given website address listed on Google’s 1st Page of query results, they wanted to know my secrets!

Obvious they were desparate, they were willing to give someone unemployed hope of becoming employed just find out what techniques that they might know that they’re present employees didn’t.  That is cruel, dispicable, this was a common practice in Phoenix, AZ where I had just moved from, but here in Chicago, IL where I was raised, was quite disheartening for me, I was crushed.

I ask myself is this what the world is coming to, is this what business in America is headed toward, low handed attempts to hopefully find a new approach that a businesses current employess’s couldn’t figure out in Search Engine Optimization that will draw more prospects to your website.  Tsk, tsk.

This type of unethical practice has occured during person to person interviews, phone interviews, attempts through email correspondence, for me these attempts are quite transparent, sometimes I have go along, sometime I have given false information, sometimes I have just hung up or walked out, and always feeling alittle betrayed by my brothers, my fellow human beings, lost in their quest to gain advantage in persuing either career asperations, more money, a glowing look from their superiors, envy or whatever!

All of the above reasons are created from greed, pride but mostley from fear, and fear breeds desparation.  In 2010 I was forced to retool myself due to what I thought was current employment needs, although I am a programmer – analyst by professional trade I was seeing a need for web development with emphasis on search engine optimiaztion, internet marketing, campaign marketing through internet ads, so I became my own teacher and instructor through self schooling in these concepts and technologies and became good and developed skills in these areas.

Only to be exploited by unethical and small minded individuals and businesses who did not have the gumption, drive, ability to self teach these skills to themselves.  These types of individuals will reveal themselves over time and deeds.



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Born in Chicago, IL  I went to Kelvyn Park H.S., Wright Junior College, then to Control data Institute, Before I got into Computers and data processing I played drums professionally in rock bands for 15 years.

I worked with Direct mail companies for 15 years, 10 years as a consultant in the Direct marketing, Bulk email processing. I started out in California as a Political database Administrator for CJL, we maintained over 15,000,000 voter registrar records and their matching voting history, create political audit reports to telemarketing lists, mailing labels and many campaign letters.

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