How To Make Twitter Part Of Your Online Brand Strategy

How to Make Twitter Part of Your Online Brand Strategy

Are you using Twitter as part of your marketing mix of social media sites? It’s a great place to find new fans that will help you become an acknowledged expert in your field. Some of your Twitter followers will drift over to your blog or website and become regular readers of your posts once they discover all the fascinating and relevant information you have to share. It’s a great way to build brand loyalty!

In Twitter, as in all your posts online, the most important thing is to be authentic and to deliver value. It’s challenging to deliver value in 140 characters, but you can do it! Twitter is like a billboard that points the way back to your money sites, so you’ve got to put up the best information you can.

If you’re new to Twitter, you want to get up and running as soon as possible. You want to acquire as many followers as possible to help with your online brand strategy of being considered an expert in your field.

Twitter’s own recommendation engine is a great way to find interesting new people to follow and who will follow you in return. It uses your profile and follows/followers (if you have any) to suggest people you might find interesting.

It’s a good idea to limit yourself to 25-50 new follows a day. Any more than that and Twitter could kick you off the site. You might be tempted to rush in and add all the followers you can, but be patient and grow your flock slowly. Brand loyalty wasn’t built in a day.

Make sure you’ve tweeted something of value before you begin to follow people. Put up at least 10 interesting posts, then start looking for Tweet buddies. You’ve got to show them who you are before you ask them to follow you.

Did you know that your influence on Twitter is measured by how active your followers are? It’s true, so you’d better make sure that each and every one are pulling their weight. If they’re not, then kick their furry butts to the curb!

Keep your list of followers lean and mean. Make sure they’re an asset to your marketing plan, not a hindrance.

Once you’re following all these folks, how do you know that they’ve followed you back? There just happens to be something called SocialOomph that automatically keeps track of who you’re following. If they haven’t followed you back, SocialOomph will unfollow them. Your advertising strategy will benefit from keeping a trim roster of active followers. You don’t want have your online brand strategy suffer because some of your followers aren’t active users.

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