Ideas Strategy Design Global helps Mega Launch of Fashion Brand Kair in Bahrain

Ideas Strategy Design Global has just launched KAIR, a fashion apparel brand targeted at newborns, kids and teens. This was done on behalf of the KAIR brand’s owner: Fine Fair which is a leading fashion chain in the UAE with more than 15 high street locations. The brand was launched in Bahrain at two leading malls – one in Safeer Mall and the other at the prestigious City Centre.


The Kair brand launch in Bahrain saw a media blitzkrieg involving newspapers both English & Arabic, outdoor (buses) and leading English & Arabic FM Radio stations. The Kair brand is all about quality and value. Of style and comfort. Of passion and fashion. The proposition is to offer end users an experience that outrivals the best in category brands.


“When we started our strategy meetings on the Kair brand at Ideas Strategy Design Global, we were a bit apprehensive. After all, the market was flooded with seasoned global brands and regional power players with massive networks and mammoth marketing budgets. But, we, as brand guardian, remained positive and focused. A thorough market research confirmed that inspite of the hyper clutter, there was place for a quality value brand. And Kair fills that slot just perfectly. Being a brand that is in control of the entire value chain right from the cotton farming to design/styling & production, Kair brings in huge intrinsic advantages that remain either sub optimal or absent with most garment brands. The response to the launch of the two stores in Bahrain has been very very encouraging”, avered Suresh Dinakaran, Group CEO, ISD Global.


The Kair brand has global ambitions with store locations being identified and space planning being implemented in Muscat(Oman), Calicut(India) and 6 cities in the US. Trends and design forecasting teams are being put in place, fashion consultants from Milan are being engaged by the brand to ensure that the Kair brand remains at the top of the game. ISD Global is helping the brand to put together several customer delight touchpoints that creates strong emotional bonding with customers and gets them coming back for more.


There is a major plan to get customers involved in the branding and launch of future brands which include a line for Women and another for Men. Ideas Strategy Design Global is in the process of developing a strategic roadmap that will involve potential end users with the brand right from pin to piano. The next few months will see signifucant traction in the Kair brand as it journeys towards becoming a truly powerhouse global brand in the foreseeable future.


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Suresh Dinakaran is Group CEO of Ideas Strategy Design Global , a Brand Consultancy and Advertising agency based out of Dubai, UAE with operations in USA,UK,India,Vietnam & Mauritius. He has been at the forefront of Media & Communications for more than two decades with leading organisations and works in the area of strategic creativity with brands across several footprints. Some of his thinkings include the 5C Model (where Content, Conduit & Context in Communication must lead to Customer & Commerce), the power of UFP (Unique Feelings Proposition) as a substitute for USP and CLAP (Customer Love Affair Plan) for brands. When he had better time management skills, he used to regularly write columns on media,marketing & management in publications like Gulf News, The Economic Times and He lives in Dubai with his wife and daughter and can be reached on

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