Ideas Strategy Design Global in Shift Leasing brand relaunch exercise

Shift Leasing Car Rental is part of the UAE based multi billion conglomerate AW Rostamani. On its completing 3 years, the brand decided to go in for a new identity.ISD Global (Ideas.Strategy.Design Global) was assigned the responsibility of creating the same and developing a comprehensive brand re launch strategy.

The new identity echoes high momentum, energy and a can do spirit. It shows an organisation that is fleet footed, willing to listen and passionately service oriented. The colours by design are retained to resonate with the Parent company’s Corporate colours as it represents lineage, aura, pride and goodwill in abundance.

“To us an identity development is far more than just producing a logo. An identity is the heart and soul of an organisation and is the first authentic visual touch point that a customer interfaces with. There is an opportunity to convey a story that is altruistic and create a sense of warmth and trust that brands crave for. The Shift logo development was an intensive exercise and lasted more than 8 weeks of several brainstorming sessions, ratifications, client presentations, rationalisation, focus group reviews etc. The shortlisted logo(attached) found very good favour with top stakeholders on both sides”, avered Suresh Dinakaran, Group CEO, ISD Global.

Going forward, a brand launch strategy is being developed by ISD Global with core focus on the Corporate eco system (the brand’s primary target customers) and also bearing in mind the fact that Shift is entering an arena that is highly competitive and swarming with established brands. Having said that, what gives the Shift brand immense strength is its outstanding track record and excellent year on year growth over the past three years. Not to forget more than 400 truly satisfied blue chip customers. Added to that is a great leadership that drives an entrepreneurial team of more than 70 Shifters.

A 10 member team at Ideas Strategy Design Global is at work full time on this brand including Strategists, Servicing, Creative and Media. “Its at this stage more than ever a brand requires maximum focus and attention. Working as a partner, as a genuine extension of the brand’s marketing, sales, distribution & CRM division, is what we are doing. Regular meetings, ideations, pause and reviews and opportunity identifications are de rigeur. And vitally, getting things done for the brand. You can say we are truly walking the torque in helping the Shift Leasing brand realise all its marketing and corporate objectives”, concluded Dinakaran.

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Suresh Dinakaran is Group CEO of Ideas Strategy Design Global , a Brand Consultancy and Advertising agency based out of Dubai, UAE with operations in USA,UK,India,Vietnam & Mauritius. He has been at the forefront of Media & Communications for more than two decades with leading organisations and works in the area of strategic creativity with brands across several footprints. Some of his thinking’s include the 5C Model (where Content, Conduit & Context in Communication must lead to Customer & Commerce), the power of UFP (Unique Feelings Proposition) as a substitute for USP and CLAP (Customer Love Affair Plan) for brands. When he had better time management skills, he used to regularly write columns on media,marketing & management in publications like Gulf News, The Economic Times and He lives in Dubai with his wife and daughter and can be reached on