Corporate Reputation Management Services

Maintaining your corporate reputation is vital to getting new clients and keeping the ones you already have. Whether you are a small or a big business, your reputation is a big part of how profitable your company is. So what do you do not if, but when you receive negative feedback?

Negative feedbacks can occur at any time to anyone. It can come from a single disgruntled client, or from a competitor running a smear campaign. With the popularity of the internet, it doesn’t take much for one negative comment to saturate the market and start your reputation on the road to ruin. The important thing is how you handle such negative commentary.

The first thing to do is address the comment on the specific page it was written. Publicly tell the complainer to contact you so the issue can be addressed. Reach out to disgruntled clients and try to make them happy. This shows other readers of the bad review that you’re not shying away from the negative comment. Also, follow up with your response. Do not basically just respond and forget about it.

Every unsatisfied customer has at least 10 friends they will tell that your business sucks. With the internet, that number is growing exponentially. Avoid this by trying to right any wrongs the complainer feels they have endured, and do so publicly. That way, not only will they be satisfied, but people reading the poor review will see your attempt to correct the matter, giving you the credibility you need to keep your reputation on the up curve.

Another thing you can do is contact the host website and ask them to remove the negative post all together. ┬áIn the event the user who left the negative commentary can’t be reached, explain the host site that. They’re more likely to act in your favor if you can show you’ve done everything you can to right the situation, and this person is just being vindictive, or outright lying about your business.

If that doesn’t work, you can push negative comments down by using positive reputation management in search engine results pages (or SERPs). Optimum7 frequently uses this technique to keep their clients at the top of search indexes.

Hiring Optimum7 to help you maintain your corporate reputation can be an effective way to keep you on top of your industry. We understand the importance of corporate reputation management and how it plays a direct role in your business’s bottom line.

We constantly circulate positive PR for our clients to offset any false complaints that may have been posted about them. We also know how to take an organic approach when using SEO (search engine optimization) to get your business ranked highest among SERPs. It’s a well known fact that most users don’t venture past the first search page listing, and getting your business ranked as high as possible is our priority. Attacking your corporate reputation proactively like this can help you in the long run, and prepare you for when you do get any kind of negative feedback.

Constantly maintaining your corporate reputation is crucial to increasing your productivity and profitability, especially online. We can provide you with the services that take the guess work out of keeping your corporate reputation pristine. Contact the professionals at Optimum7 today to discuss a plan for maintaining or getting your corporate reputation back on track.

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