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In 2008, a business owner found their personal beliefs exposed to the public. There was an immediate and hostile reaction that cemented itself at the top of the search results for both his name and his companys. The companys bottom line suffered.

In 2009, an industry leader found that they were the subjects of a withering article from one the worlds major news network. In a matter of hours the article topped the search engines for the companys name. Clients started calling the company inquiring about the report whether they were true, they werent, but the companys reputation was tarnished.

What do these situations have in common? Neither the business owner nor the industry leader were proactive in managing their online reputation and their names only appeared legal documents and negative ...

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Reputation Management For Managers

Managers beware; somebody’s watching you and it isn’t just your boss. It’s your employees and your peers. The need to be mindful of what you say and do in front of others goes beyond the fact that as a manager you’re viewed as a role model. How you manage yourself at work tells your associates a great deal about your respect for them, or lack of it. It also establishes an underground “buzz” about you at the office which may or may not be good.

One of my best mentors directed a residence camp the first year I was a counselor there. A lesson I found applicable in every subsequent work environment was what he referred to as “Conscious Use of Self”. These days that might be called “being mindful” or “self-management”...

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Reputation Head: Personal Reputation Management

In order to succeed in the Internet world in which the competition is steep, the person will find that there is a need for Personal Reputation Management. There are many ways in which the person can do this and one of the best methods is through utilizing the services that are offered by Reputation Head. This company is operating out of India, however, they provide constant service to their clients no matter the time of day. Just what can this company do for your reputation?

For example, they can ensure that your website is one that is going to attract attention. This is through SEO keywords and titles that are attention grabbing. Any person will find that this is a huge factor in Personal Reputation Management, and without the person will not succeed as well as they could.

The company als...

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